Guys in Pacific North West are doing it well.

It looks pretty cool when the camera is not on the helmet but attached to the trike filming the rider or sits on the rear axle. Vibrations of the trike affect it making the whole ride look much...

No hills in your area? No worries! With a gas powered drift trike you can enjoy the ride even in the flat lands!

Tortuga trikes ( are already doing it. For $1.6k you can get a brand new trike. I mean check out the...

Some serious sliders just havin some fun coming off the lookout.

Hope you like it!

Keep on going sideways guys!

Drift triking gone wrong!

This triker went off a cliff and snapped his femur bone.

He needed rescue from the west PAC chopper.

Keep it safe guys!

High five!


Little father and son freestyle triking.

This boy is only four in this video.

Keep it up little fella!

Big ups for the dad!

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DK Trikes

the DTS crew are at it again smashing up the hills of perth australia. The day was cut short after geting pulled over by the cops so we hit up the local skate park for some fun. enjoy and like us on facebook. 

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DTS drift trikes

The boys from tuakau with fresh PVC and clean hills.

Here is their first edit featuring Kyle, Robert, Jordan, Alan, Duane, Massey, Karloz, Cody, Andrew, Cody and Ethan.

Check them out!


Skrillex and A$AP Rockey...

Sean Kirk is just 9 years old but he already fell in love with drift triking.

One time, he met with his dad and PDT Crew to drift the night away in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

Check this little fella out!

Keep on going sideways Sean!...

This is the teaser of all that they have prepared for this year 2013.

More extreme downhill, new camera shots, more jumps, fire rings and more.

Don't miss it!


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