What is a drift trike and drift triking?

It origins from small tricycles made for kids, but it wasn't long till some guys from New Zealand decided to strengthen the frame, put some sliding wheels into the back and started to drift while bombing hills.

From about 2009 the sport is gaining on popularity and spreads viral across the globe. You Tube has a lot to do with this.
Riders enjoy the controlled drifts while ridding down the hills and the freedom that comes with it.

Feeling during controlled drifts is what all the trikers are yearning for.


Drift trike is a tricycle which has 2 wheels in the back and one in the front.

Rear wheels are mostly taken from front go-kart wheels on which riders install  hard plastic called PVC pipes which increase loss of traction (you do it intentionally), so its easier to put you're trike into drift. This PVC comes in different hardness, all depends on how much traction you need.

Slick rear wheels is what you want for drifting, you just have to make sure you're maintaining control from entry to exit of a corner.

Front wheel is a standard 20' BMX wheel equipped in one brake. Except for riders feet it is the only brake. This brake not only helps you to control speed while bombing hills it also allows you to  do fancy tricks on the road if you're a bit more advanced.

Most Trikes have pedals or pegs in the front, so riders have something to put their feet.
Pedals are more use-full, as you can always pedal a bit if there is some flat land in front of you.

Some drift trikes have detached rare axle. It not only looks cool but also makes transportation easier.


There are many different kind of trikes as majority is custom/self made from an old bicycle.

You can find loads of tutorials on “how to build your own trike” or even just parts of them but unless you're really sure about what you're doing you should leave it to professionals and most probably it will be cheaper and safer.

As this sport is growing quickly in popularity across the globe, there are more and more companies that produce drift trikes. Most of them are garages productions, but you can also find some professional one such as for example Madazz Trikes.

If you're willing to make one you are gonna need some basic tools:

1. Metal Saw/ Angle Grinder
2. Electric drill
3. Welder

As for additional parts you'll need

1. Bike frame (BMX are good but others will do as well)
2. Two front go-kart wheels
3. Seat
4. PVC pipe
5. BMX pegs
6. Rare axle
7. Bearings for rare wheels

How to put stuff together you'll need to browse through Internet as it depends on what kind of frame you got. We'll make a step by step manual how to make one, as soon as we'll be making another trike.

As we said before, most drift trikes are custom/self made, thats why drift trike specs such as wheelbase, axle size or simply front wheel size can vary.
We get a lot of questions from our readers about these specs. Thanks a lot for all of them.
We decided to give you some basic information on whats what. You'll find them below.

Drift trike front wheel specification:
Riders use many different wheels depending on the preferences. From our experience best are standard 20” BMX wheels. Why you would ask?
Simply they have the perfect size. Bigger wheels will burn you're legs while drifting and smaller ones are just to small.

Drift trike wheelbase specification.
Wheelbase is distance between the front an the rear axle.
What works best is a wheelbase of between 97-115 cm.
We know that sometimes its hard to stick to this, but in order to have a perfect sliding machine, we recommend you do.

Driftie Rare axle specs.
From what we know and tried it's best when the rare axle is max 100cm wide and this is when you measure from outside of the wheels. You can see it on the picture. Wider ones tend to be hard to put into drifting and narrower ones are really unpredictable and unstable.


Drift trike frame specification
Most common frame diameter is between 48 and 52 mm, but here again it all depends on what kind of bike you're making your Trike of.
We like aluminum ones as during the day there will be a lot of going up the hill apart from downhill. Aluminum frames are simply lighter then metal ones.


Never forget that you'll be going fast downhill usually on public roads.
Make sure you did everything for you're safety.
We've listed some basic information on hove to safely ride you're drift trike.

Drift triking is all about fun, but its actually quite dangerous if you don't follow basic safety rules:
1 Helmet and other safety gear (elbow pads, knee pads, gloves etc) should be used every time you get on your trike. Even if you are a pro or you're not ridding that fast there is some stuff that you may not be able predict. Full-face helmets are best for triking.
There's always a chance that something in your trike will brake or neighbors dog would run across just on your way.

2 You are also not the only one on the street and some other vehicle drivers can always make a fatal mistake. It's also better to always choose spots with very small traffic.

3. Other very important factor while choosing a roads is that they can't be in bad condition or not flat. You should really avoid them as your wheel can stuck in some hole and cause a crash.
Remember, there's never too much safety.

4. Remember!!! Always check you're brake before bombing the hill. This is essential to ride safe and avoid crashes.

Check out the videos to see what you can do on those babies!

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